What's it?

This application allows you to search the words from other application (like twitter) via share button.

If you want to search the words in other apps, open this app via share button, and just select the words in the text box by using cursor. You have no need to remember the words and use software keyboard.


Android Market : Search Via Share

How to use

This application needs to be called from other application via share button. Don't call this directly.
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  • Procedure

    1. If you find the words you want to search in other application, push share button in the application.

    2. Select [Search Via Share].

    3. Select the words you want to search by using cursor. Cursor moves by arrow buttons. If the shift button is on, moving cursor make the words selected.

    4. Click [Add the selected word to search box.] button.

    5. Click search button. (magnifying glass icon)

  • Disclaimer

    I don't take any responsibility for the results of using this application.


    If you have any questions, comments, or bug reports, please email to below.